Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11 Inches!

Well, the time finally came to relieve my hair from it's long journey of growth. When we were home for a month in between finals and DC, I called my friend Michelle and told her that I needed a BIG cut.  I have wanted to donate my hair for years now, but have never been super serious about it realizing how much would have to go! I knew I for sure wanted to do it when I was searching through the Locks of Love website while we were living in Italy.  I have always heard there was a place to donate it, but had never looked it up.  It was inspiring to read how much my hair could affect the life of someone else. My hair grows so fast and I have always taken that for granted. Here are some pics to show you just how long it got..
(Curly: Spring Break in AZ with the in-laws)
(Straight: Trying on hats at the mall with the hubs in May)

I found out that you had to have at least ten inches from top to before we could think twice about it, we put my hair in a low pony tail with rubber bands going down to hold in in place.  Michelle measured 11 inches just to be safe and she cut right above the top pony tail line.  It took her a long time to get through all of my thick hair, but I knew there was no going back when she handed the pony tail over my shoulder.
It is still as long as I could keep it because I have a husband who loves long hair, but it feels fresh and very healthy. The top of the pony tail was so thick that it felt like a paint brush--way cool!
I wish they could send me pictures in the future of who gets to enjoy my hair, but maybe I will never know.  I am sure they are very grateful and that is all that matters.  For now I will just start growing it again... and appreciating it more in my life!