Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day

I remember when Valentine's Day was all about candy and homemade mailboxes.
I was the type of person that could never decide which design I wanted to do, and that resulted in my box being made the night before or the morning of.
I was pretty excited when I got a picture of my little brother Preston and his box this year.  It brought back a lot of memories, and I think he is adorable.
When I was on my way home from work I stopped by the train station to buy some bus tokens.
This is the line that was formed with last minute men buying flowers as they left the station to go home to their loved ones.  One lady told me I wasn't the first to take a picture.  I was laughing pretty hard, but knew it was necessary and they were about to bring a smile to someone's face.
I definitely had a HUGE smile on MY face when I walked into my apartment and saw what was sitting on the counter.
I wasn't sure the hubby had time to do anything this year.  He is extremely busy with this last semester.
I was wrong, and ever so grateful.  He is amazing.
I got to work and started on his present before he got home from a study group. We are keeping ourselves on a budget this year so I tried to get creative.  It resulted in an extreme amount of cheesiness, but I loved it and so did he.
He gasped in surprise and took a step back when he first saw it.  I don't think he was expecting me to do anything either.

I found this quote below and fell in love. 
It will be a great reminder to us as to how special our marriage is.
I love my Kade K. I was grateful for the holiday, and another excuse to do something special for him.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Handsome's Birthday!

February 2nd. Groundhog day. Call it what you want...but around here, it is the most handsome boy's birthday.  I had to work all day, and he had to go to school...but that didn't stop us from celebrating. 
I woke up extra early to fill the front room with balloons.  I scrambled to find some the day before, and ended up with small ones that I believe were meant for water.  That didn't stop me from trying to blow them up at 6:15 am. My lips and muscles around my mouth have never been so sore in my life. Those little buddies were hard to blow up!! 
At one point, I had blown one halfway up and lost my grip on it.  It let out a big whoosh of air as it blew to the other side of the room.  Kade later admitted that it woke him up and he knew what I was doing the whole time. Woops.
When I got off of work, he came and met me in the city.  I had made two dinner reservations so his choices were Italian or BBQ.  He chose BBQ so we ate at the restaurant Devil's Alley in the Rittenhouse area. He got interrupted with birthday calls the whole meal, but the food was delicious.

After, we decided to get some hot chocolate for dessert.  It was freezing outside!
Next was popcorn, present, and movie time.
One of his favorite birthday cards came from Morgan.  We were laughing SO hard.

We spread his birthday festivities throughout the weekend and went to see our first 3D movie.  Hugo--what a cute show. My favorite part of the whole night was before we even left.  We decided to bring my big purse, pop some popcorn, and put it in a baggie to snack on when we got there. I pulled it out of the microwave and Kade was waiting with a big baggie.  He poured it in and all of a sudden popcorn kernels were falling all over the floor. Microwave=hot. The kernels had melted holes all over the bag and were falling out everywhere.
This boy has been saving up money and gift cards since Christmas to get the new ipad when it comes out in March. That will be his big birthday gift and he is super stoked. He deserves that, and so much more. He has worked so hard to accomplish many goals and inspires me to be a better person everyday. I love him so much and am excited for this next year to come.  He gets to graduate college from one of the top business schools in the country, and then start fresh right out of school into a brand new career. 24 should be pretty exciting, and I feel lucky to be at his side along the journey. 
HaPpY bIrThDaY mY lOvE!!!!!