Friday, August 26, 2011

New York

The weekend before we flew home to Salt Lake, we decided to take a last minute trip to New York! We decided to turn it into our early Anniversary celebration.  We took a bus there from DC and it took about 5 hours. We got lucky and stayed at our friend Daniel's sister's house.
While on the bus, the hubby tried to open a banana and this is what happened haha.
Eating lunch by the apple store
The hubby had been dying to see The Phantom of the Opera, so we bought some last minute tickets and went to see it.  The music was really amazing, we loved it!

We did some shopping in China town...and the hubby got some new glasses... 
...and we shared a very delicious Chinese dinner while we were there :) yum. The best part was how cheap it was.
Reading books in Central Park
There were advertisements all over the place and they now have missionaries standing in Times Square all week because of the new Book of Mormon Broadway Show.  The show may make fun of us as Mormons, but at least people are interested! 
Daniel's sister and her husband took us to a very yummy pizza place while we were there.  The restaurant is located in an old church, so you can look up at the stain glass as you enjoy your dinner.  It was loud and crowded, but so much fun.  We also did some shopping and treated ourselves to a few new items of clothing. It was a very fun weekend--can't believe we have almost been married for a year!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Weekend in DC

Where has the time gone?! I remember being so excited when the hubby got his phone call about the possibility of moving to DC--now it is all done.  We spent our last weekend in DC seeing sites that we had not seen yet.  We first went to Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was shot.
This was his Presidential box that he was shot in--restored to look exactly like it was when he was sitting there. There was one narrow hallway in the theatre that was lined with pictures on both sides.  One side showed pictures of what Lincoln did the day he was shot at different times leading up to his assassination.  The other side showed pictures of John Booth at the same times and what he was doing during the day leading up to killing the President. It was pretty interesting..but very sad.  Lincoln had taken his wife on a carriage ride in the afternoon, and was holding her hand when he was shot.
This was the gun that killed him.  Booth dropped it before he jumped out of the box onto the stage. It only held one bullet.
After, we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial. It was huge, and the view was gorgeous!
Franklin Roosevelt admired Jefferson and had his monument built.  While it was under construction, Roosevelt had men cut down the trees in front of the White House that were blocking the view.  He wanted to watch it go up, and the trees remain cut today.  I took this picture standing at the monument, looking at the White House. 
We also went to the Arlington Cemetery and watched the Changing of the Guards Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.
The headstones are perfectly aligned and if you look at them at a certain angle, the lines stay perfect but head in different directions.  It is really neat.
Handsome Husband
We had some friends over for dinner and this is the only pic we got of the night: 
HAHA we are going to miss Ben and Sienna!
Holocaust Museum.  SO SAD. The hubby wasn't able to come with me, but I learned a lot about how Hitler gained his power and killed so many people. Tragic.  This room with all of the shoes makes your heart drop as soon as you walk in.
We also had record high heat waves coming through here.  It was physically impossible to cool down in the shade with the humidity.  We were sweating ALL the time.  There were around 30 deaths on the east coast because of this heat wave--good thing we didn't have any problems.
We have loved the opportunity to be in DC and the hubby is pleased with his experience at his internship. We have received much help from different friends since we have been here, and could not have done it without them. We will miss them and our DC life very much!


The hubby and I got a coupon for buy one admission, get one free at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum! It is still expensive just to pay for one person, but we were very glad we went when we were finished.  It was definitely worth it for half price! The wax models looked a lot better than we thought they were going to.  Most of them looked very real--especially in pictures.  We saw all of the Presidents of the United States and a bunch of popular movie stars.  This post will be a picture overload, but we had a great time!

In his assassination booth
Long line to see these two--we considered skipping them!

They have been buddies for a while now.

"But you have heard of me!"

Tiger watching his putt