Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random, but good times!

This post is going to be more about saving pictures for our memory, rather than talking about a specific event.  There have been many fun times in the past few months that we don't want to forget about.
They are in no specific order.

Penn Basketball game with Jeff and Amber.  Unfortunately they lost, but we enjoyed some yummy frozen yogurt after!

My amazing Great Grandma turned 94 in February.  I hope her genes run in the fam! She is so dang cute, and still does her morning exercises. 
I am still in love with my little Violet girl and am reassured everyday I see her that I have the best job ever.  Her mom went out of town a few weeks ago for work, so Kade and I got to sleep over and spend the night with her.  She didn't wake up once, and I secretly loved watching Kade play with her!  He will be a cute Dad one day.
One night for FHE we talked about the importance of memories, read our memories from 2011, and made a new jar for 2012. Hopefully we can do better about keeping up with it this year.
We definitely had a good laugh.
We received this picture and found out that Kade's Mom can still do the splits! 
It hurts me to even think about it but we were, and are, amazed.
Shopping with Ambs before our monthly Costco trip. Our husband's have had a busy semester so far!
I did some dog walking on a Saturday...
...and have read The Tushy Book on a weekly occasion.  It is Zachary's favorite book and I find it hilarious. 
Kade has been busy with classes, but has a slight dose of "senioritis."  The end of the tunnel is so near, and we are excited for Wharton to be a thing of the past! :)  It has been nice to have him home more and sick of the library.  I am not complaining at all.

A couple of quotes that I have recently loved:

"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.
-Richard G. Scott

I hope I can become less selfish and more mindful of others.  We have amazing people all around us here in Philly, and our time is coming to an end.
Less than two months left...I can't talk about it.