Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little people over the summer.

Had to document these cute faces. Kade and I spent a lot of our summer with them before leaving to Houston.  I nannied them all at different times, and will miss them like crazy.
At one point we had all 4 Relyea girls for two weeks while Michelle and Ryan went to Europe.  We had so much fun. Thank goodness to Michelle who was extremely organized, I had a schedule typed out for my duties everyday to get them all where they needed to be. It ran very smoothly and probably made it easier for her to leave!   
I also watched their baby cousin Holland twice a week while her Momma worked.  She was a good little baby that loved to be held!
Raging waters, V Chocolate tour, diaper blowouts, and hiking to Donut Falls.  We managed to fit a lot of fun in.
Paytie was a huge help on the days that I would bring Holland over to the Wadsworth's.  I am excited to see her as an aunt!
I think it was a 'little girl' overload for Kade, but luckily he was busy working during the days!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gone with the Wads

This summer we got to spend time at the cabin, and in Lake Powell with the Wads Squad. 
We went on a hike to the meadow and built a fire for lunch.  Kip whipped out the guns and we set up some plastic cups to shoot at. Ann smoked us all, of course. 
We rode the Razors around the trails, and spent time watching a movie together.
Ralph used a hand grinder to make his own wheat, and then we used an old washer lid to cook the pancakes on.  Yummy!
It was a little chilly outside, but we had a good time. It is always nice to get away and be up there in the wilderness.

We then went to Lake Powell and stayed on a houseboat with the Relyea and Scharman family.  They have a very nice houseboat, and all the adults got to stay in their own rooms. There were 8 little girls on that boat, plus another family that we didn't know with 3 little boys. The girls loved to make up dances to blaring music up on the second floor. We were definitely sick of a few songs that had been overplayed by the time we left! Haha.
Every family took turns making meals, and it was fun to sit around and talk with everyone.  There is a lot to learn from all of those couples, including Kade's parents. 
I love watching Kade wakeboard, and we got to do a lot of that.  The guys loved watching him throw his backflips. At one point one of the jet skis got stolen, but it returned on our last morning across from the bay that our house boat was docked in.  Half of the gas tank was gone--hope someone enjoyed the adventure! 
We took the little plane there, and on the way back I was able to sit up front with the pilot.  The view from above Lake Powell was pretty amazing! 
We can't wait to go again next year!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer 2012

After leaving Philly, we only had a few short months to be with family before our big move.  We stayed at the Wadsworth's home, and got busy with work and seeing as much family as possible.  Here are a few pictures of some good times we had:
I had a sleepover at the Smith's--love those little buddies. Cannot believe how fast Ruby is growing up.
We hung out with this cool kid, and got to see some of his baseball games.  He is a getting really good.
Living away makes it hard to miss the little everyday things in the lives of our families.
Amber came to visit in Utah and I was SO excited to see her.  She got to meet some family, hang at the pool, and enjoy chocolate covered strawberries with me while doing some shopping.  I miss her everyday!
Paytie and I spent time getting pedicures and hanging out.  Love having a little sis.
We got to meet our new niece Brightyn for the first time.  She is adorable! 
We spent a night up at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house in Brigham which was a lot of fun.  We stayed in Ann's old room when she was growing up, and got to look at old pictures of their family. We played croquet, and loved the time spent with them one on one. They are such good examples to us.

We went for a few days to go visit our new city and look for an apartment.  Once we landed at the airport, we rented a car and got in touch with a realtor within our new ward boundaries.  He helped us narrow down and go see every apartment we were interested in within the area around Kade's new office building.  It was exciting to be there, and were grateful for his help.
I was happy to see the mall connected to Kade's office building.  It was huge, and had its own ice skating rink. The weather on the other hand...something that will take some time getting used to.  Hot and humid!
We ended up finding a really neat apartment within walking distance to work on our last day there.  It made us really excited to move in and get settled.
My dear friend Vanessa got married, and we got to attend her wedding and reception.  We are excited for her new adventure with Evan. She looked beautiful and so happy.
Kade painted my toes for me, and did an even better job than I do.  He is hired when it comes to a french tip.  Those painting skills are finally coming in handy, since he didn't have one second to hold a brush in Philly. Hopefully he will paint more when we move to Houston.
Spent a night up in PC with the Wads fam...
...and visited a favorite patient of mine from when I worked at Summit.  
Spent time having lunch with my mom....
...and meeting friends for lunch with two different shoes on!! (Woops!!!)
We both realized right when we were about to leave Cafe Rio and were dying laughing. Good times with this chick.

We had a girls night at the new City Creek mall--loved having everyone there together all at once. Doesn't happen too often!
Kade spent most of his days and free time at the office working with his Dad.  They used his help a lot, and he loves being there.  We will be sad to leave after our short "summer at home" is over in July.
And last but not least...found this old gem of Kade in high school.  Cannot wait to go to Lake Powell and watch him wakeboard this summer!  He is a HUNK!