Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The big 23!

 I was extremely spoiled this year on my birthday, which was spread out between many days and events. I hope I can remember how i felt, so that I can help other people feel that happy on their special day.  It all started with a joint celebration for my Dad and me in slc with the fam. We enjoyed a yummy dinner that my sis made, and then we opened a few gifts. 
Then...I went to dinner with Mari and Jordan expecting it to be a Christmas celebration, when they both left me at the table to get different things in their car.  They came back with presents and cupcakes. I had no idea! 
I had mentioned the yummy cupcake store close by while we were standing in line for food.  Little did I know, they were keeping laughter inside as best as possible. Amazing friends!
On my actual Birthday, I had to be to work at 7 in the morning.  I woke up to sticky notes in all of the places Kade knew I had to look before leaving. He is amazing.

He came to Violet's house with lunch from Cosi and hung out with us for a little while.  She had never met him before, and kept reaching for his face. She loved him, so cute.

When I got home that evening, I was not expecting any surprises.  We had talked about celebrating my birthday that weekend with just us two since I wanted to go to bookclub that evening. I came home to this:
Candle, flowers, present, and a homemade dinner.
He. Is.Amazing.
He even wore my favorite shirt! :)
Inside the green box was some adorable jewelry that he had picked out for me, and the movie Sarah's Key.  I had been dying to see it, and he finally reserved it on redbox for us!

The day after my birthday was a Friday.  He was waiting outside my work when I got off, and walked me to a restaurant for dinner. He took me back to The Marathon Grill...which is the restaurant we ate at almost two years ago when I came to visit him in Philly the first time while we were dating. As we were walking in, we both thought of the idea to request the same table we sat in the first time. Before we could say something, the hostess directed us right to our table.  It was the same one...meant to be :)
                 February 2010                                                                                     January 2012


                 February 2010                                                                                   January 2012

To top it all off, we fit 6 other couples in our tiny front room for games and dessert the next night.  They sang happy birthday, and we played a fun game with all 14 of us that the Taylors introduced to everyone. We had to borrow a few chairs and created seating with our coffee table, but it worked and we had a blast! 
I am so grateful for family and friends and all that they do for us.  We have felt abundantly blessed, and hope we can live up to the blessings we continue to receive everyday. I feel lucky to have Kade as my husband...he is so good to me.  I know 23 is going to be a good year!

Back to "the grind"

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Our evening flight out of slc was gorgeous.  The sunset over the Great Salt Lake was a site to see.  It made us grateful for the opportunity to be able to fly, and get to the other side of the country in less that 5 hours. We are so lucky to be in this world we live in today.

Just in the three weeks that we were gone...little Miss Violet broke through two bottom teeth, and started eating baby oatmeal. Babies grow up way too fast....we will have to remember that for the future. Geez!

There have been a lot of football games on tv lately so we have been getting together with the Jacks to watch them. Well, the husbands watched them. We were busy making homemade cinnamon rolls, and crafting thank you cards.
At one point Kade and I were wide awake, and they were out cold during the game.  All four of us squeezed on their little couch...they must have been cozy! Haha! 
Little Zachy was pretty hesitant when I first saw him, but he warmed right up when I let him watch Blues Clues. 
Kade has been catching up on some sleep, signing up for classes, selling items on ebay, going to the gym, and fixing flat bike tires.  He is also a proud new owner of a Macbook Air :)
He spoiled me for my birthday. I am one lucky girl and am always wondering what I did right to end up with him forever.
Here goes our last few months in Philly!

New Years!

We were super lucky and got to go to Scottsdale for New Years weekend this year! Grandpa and Grandma Wadsworth were flying back down to stay for the winter, so we joined them with Kade's fam and got to hang out for the weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent most of the time outside by the pool.
Pcat is always begging for people to get into the pool with her.  She has more energy than anyone I know...I can't keep up with her.

We had breakfast out on the patio every morning and did a lot of reading.  The boys were able to go golfing, we played some tennis, went on walks, and enjoyed lots of food from different restaurants.
Ann and I basking in the sun:

One night Kip took Ann on a date, Grandma and Grandpa made hotdogs and s'mores with Paytie, so Kade and I went on a mini date as well for some ice cream and a smoothie. It was fun to be able to spend some time with just us two for a minute!
It was a fast trip, but we left with sun kissed faces. We rang in the new year at 10:00 pm when they showed the ball drop in Times Square...and then we all went to bed! 
Bring on 2012!

Salt Lake City for Christmas!

Christmas started off perfect this year.  My mother-in-law found a place downtown that was in need of some service, and it began with a Christmas tree.  At the beginning of December, she purchased a fake tree and took it for them to enjoy throughout the month.  A couple of days before Christmas, she purchased a dozen games and we went down to The Columbus House to spend time with some of the sweetest people ever.  We had fruit and treats that they got to enjoy as well. 
While we were there, one particular guy caught my eye as soon as he wheeled into the room.  I hadn't seen him for years, but it was my second cousin! He was shy to look at me, but when I mentioned who I was I know he understood.  He agreed to take a picture with me, and we sent it to his family. So sweet!
We are so grateful for the big heart that my mother-in-law has.  Always looking for ways to give. This was a really fun way to start off the holiday and we look forward for many more opportunities like this.
Christmas Eve worked out perfectly this year juggling the two families.  We started off with a late lunch at The Smith's house up in Farmington and celebrated with all the siblings, and my Mom and Ron. 

All of our nieces and nephews are growing up so fast...it is crazy! Love them so much.
Kade had Calaigh in the drawing this year and gave her some baby DVDs. She is due on Leap Day!
All of the sibling went in together on a present for my Mom and Ron. We knew that she loved the Le Creuset pots...and so we decided to get her a green one.  Pure excitement was her reaction.
I had Ben in the drawing and gave him a UofU shirt since he is a die-hard fan.  I am a Y fan, so I wrapped it with blue ribbon and wrote that it was from Cosmo.
My Mom and Ron are angels. This year they got all the girls sewing machines. We were so excited!!
Next stop...Kade's house.  We had a delicious meal with crab legs!
On Christmas morning we opened presents with the Wadsworths, went to church at the old ward and took up a whole bench with both of our families combined, went to my Dad's house for brunch, and then went to Grandpa and Grandma Wadsworth's house for lunch with the whole extended family. It was a busy day, but the timing of events could not have worked out better! We also got to talk to Elder Clark out on the mission. He is such a stud.
Kade painted this gorgeous picture and gave it to my Dad and Elizabeth for Christmas. He is very talented!
We made a frame for Kade's parents with the Proclamation of The Family in the middle, and pictures of the fam around the outside. We never took a picture of the finished project, but we were really excited to give it to them!

Kade and I saved our presents for each other until that night so we could open them with just us two. We both ended up getting each other some clothes. Perfect!

The rest of the break flew by as we tried to squeeze in as much as we could.  Here are pictures from some of the events that happened.
We received a Christmas card from Nick out on the mission, and spent some good time with Preston.

Handsome hubby in his new coat :)

We went downtown to my Dad's office and had a yummy sushi lunch with him.  The boys got into a deep gospel doctrine conversation and our lunch went for over two hours! We didn't want to leave.  He is such an amazing example to us and is always giving us the desire to be better.

When we went back to the office to say bye, we talked to Derrick and Ben for a little bit.  While we were standing there, Ben decided to itch his back with his pen.  Not a smart move! :) We were all laughing so hard as he pulled his pen out in front of him, noticed that it was open, and instantly realized what happened.
We got to meet the Towners for some Rio one afternoon.  Loved seeing their little Owen boy.
I spent some time with Elizabeth one afternoon and we decided to get crafty.  She was making money holders that evening for a YW's project, so we decided to practice and make some examples. They turned out way cute.  She is so good with crafty ideas.  She handmade every Christmas gift this year for everyone in the family.  The nieces got handmade purses, and the nephews got homemade fort kits!

The Saturday before we left, we had two big events to attend.  Kade got to be in the sealing room for one of his close friends as he was sealed to his new bride.  I went to my niece Hannah's baptism, and then drove to Provo in time for the luncheon.  It was a cold and eventful day!
Dan and Preethi were in town from DC--we missed their little Nat!!
We are so grateful that we got to go home and spend time with family.  We are also very thankful for the family and friends that made time to see us.  We were blessed abundantly in many different ways. It was a great rejuvenator for Kade before he starts his FINAL semester of college.  
Back to Philly we go!