Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little people over the summer.

Had to document these cute faces. Kade and I spent a lot of our summer with them before leaving to Houston.  I nannied them all at different times, and will miss them like crazy.
At one point we had all 4 Relyea girls for two weeks while Michelle and Ryan went to Europe.  We had so much fun. Thank goodness to Michelle who was extremely organized, I had a schedule typed out for my duties everyday to get them all where they needed to be. It ran very smoothly and probably made it easier for her to leave!   
I also watched their baby cousin Holland twice a week while her Momma worked.  She was a good little baby that loved to be held!
Raging waters, V Chocolate tour, diaper blowouts, and hiking to Donut Falls.  We managed to fit a lot of fun in.
Paytie was a huge help on the days that I would bring Holland over to the Wadsworth's.  I am excited to see her as an aunt!
I think it was a 'little girl' overload for Kade, but luckily he was busy working during the days!

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